How I Made My First $30 in Affiliate marketing

What is Learnoflix and how to earn on Learnoflix

In this write-up, I would share with you how I made my first $30 as a complete newbie

It all started March 2021, when I registered on LEARNOFLIX after years of resistance to making money online. I used to be skeptical about anything “making money online” since I lost money in some online investments in the past. And the reason for losing money range from poor investment decision to lack of necessary/required skills and mentorship to make it legitimately online. I was absolutely amateurish when it comes to online money making skills, not until when I got introduced to LEARNOFLIX.

I registered on LEARNOFLIX via a friend after series of persuasions due to my past unpleasant experience in the online space. I was made to understand that learnoflix is not a money-doubling platform or form of Ponzi scheme, but a learning platform that equips her members with the required skills to earn online. The mentorship is topnotch as there are different groups, and coaches you can turn to for assistance. I was able to learn basic digital marketing skills like; copywriting, content writing, blogging, SEO, sales funnel design, traffic generation, etc. I learnt all these skills on LEARNOFLIX.

Oh, I forgot to mention, once you join LEARNOFLIX, you automatically become an affiliate which grant you opportunity to promote digital courses and earn very high commissions. Yes, crazily high commission I’ve never come across anywhere. Also when you refer an affiliate to the platform, you earn 40% commission and have free access to some of the courses that are for sale for non-members. That is where I earn my first $9 when someone signed up through my affiliate link.

Later I started running ads (the skill I learnt on the platform) on Instagram. I ran the ads on a digital course “WhatsApp marketing” with two purchases and earn $23 in less than 12 hours. I could not believe it myself. Passive income:).

If you want to know more. Watch here FREE webinar about Learnoflix.

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